Not everybody has a spirometer at home to measure their lung capacity!!!
Time how long you can hold your breath to see if you have improved at all.
Remember willpower is stronger then your actual muscle, you can hold your breath longer than you think you can!!

Don't hold your breath until you pass out, that is bad.
1 Minute is the average, see how quickly you can improve.
Holding your breath regularly actually helps to increase your lung capacity anyway, so its a win-win situation!!
Tell your mother to nag you if you don't go
Make yourself do something really boring if you don't go
Be like the little train I THINK I CAN I THINK I CAN
Make it a routine so you feel bad if you don't go
Think about how much happier you feel after you run!!!

Silly tips by Audz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
People who smoke really irritate me!!! They say 'it's addictive', why do people even try it in the first place? If you never try it you can never get addicted! Smoking is like killing yourself slowly.. Your lungs will be full of phlegm!! its not pretty at all.
Basically what I'm trying to say here is DONT SMOKE!
running uphill is really amazing for your body! Increasing your lung capacity with running uphill makes it that much more intense. Try setting an incline on your treadmill each time you run, and increasing it by one every time. You will feel your own buttocks tightening everytime, and more air getting in with each breath!
Hello peoples, yesterday I went to the gym and ran on the treadmill. My lung capacity was defs increased. I ran for 20 minutes at 9km per hour. Then I drunk some gatorade, it was very tasty and grape flavoured. It's very important to keep your electrolytes up when doing vigourous excersie or else you will get sore muscles!!!!
the end.
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