Cardio Exercise

Cardio exercise is the BEST WAY to increase your lung capacity. On this page I will be telling you of the great range of cardio exercise machines at the gym, and giving you a few exercises to do on them.

1. Treadmill
The most simple, and the best. The treadmill is the greatest way to increase your lung capacity because you use the weight of your body, as well as running uphill. It's the fastest way to get out of breath and works out your legs, butt and abs all at the same time. Try this: Run for at least 20 minutes straight and see how fast you can go!

2. Bike
Bikes are great for your legs, it's only downside is that you have to force yourself to go, whereas treadmill you are forced. Try this: Use the bike as a 10 minute warm up and see how far you can go!

3. Cross trainer
Personally, I really don't recommend this equipment because I don't think the time input and outcome is worth the work. I would only recommend you to use this if you are unable to use a treadmill due to knee problems.

4. Rowing machine
Rowing machine is great for your pecs and shoulder muscles, it also gets you out of breath because it is like jumping. Try see how far you go in 10 minutes, and keep an average rowing speed.